We Plan for the Future

Committees provide opportunities for returning time and talent to God as they plan, evaluate, recommend, oversee and implement ideas to enhance the life of our parish and to meet our financial obligations.

The role of the Parish Pastoral Council is to assess the needs of the parish, to represent the concerns of the people and to offer its recommendations, encouragement and support to the Parish Life Coordinator.

The role of the Finance Council is to oversee, recommend and guide the finances of the church.

Karman Diehl, Chairperson
cellphone: 316-641-2738

Brenda Blocker
Brent Blocker
Joe Fisher
Paul Jacquet
Roger Krinhop
Greg McLaughlin

Liz Sites

Jake Kelly, Chairperson

Karman Diehl
Leah Hern
Greg McLaughlin

Cemetery Commission

The role of the Cemetery Commission is to maintain and improve the cemetery property in a way that honors those buried there.

Terry Root, Chairperson

Members: Craig Altenhofen, Roger Hummel, Roger Krinhop, Tom Smith, Dennis Zumbrunn

Education Commission

The role of the Education Commission is to support the director of Religious Education in providing suitable catechists, materials and resources for the Pre-K through 12 Religious Education program and the Adult Discussion Group.

Laurie McLaughlin, Chairperson

Members: Bernie Altenhofen, Brent Blocker, Janice Carroll, Sara Cook, Becky Kelley,
Vicki Lexow, Courtney Morgan

Family Life/Respect Life Commission

The role of the Family Life/Respect Life Commission is to support families in their efforts toward health and holiness, to promote the growth of people, especially by strengthening family life within the parish community in the various types (single, divorced, widowed, etc.), and to promote respect for life from conception to death.

Sandy Barbee, Chairperson

Members: John Christensen, Terry Miller, Liz Sites

Liturgy Commission/Parish Renewal

The role of the Liturgy Commission is to plan, facilitate and evaluate worship including the art and environment and provide opportunities for spiritual renewal and training for liturgical ministers.

Liz Sites, Chairperson

Members: Karman Diehl, Jean Scanlan, Judy Smith, Marlo Zumbrunn

Maintenance/Improvement Commission

The role of the Maintenance/Improvement Commission is to be a visionary in maintaining and/or improving the properties (inside and out) of the parish.

Tim Wieters, Chairperson

Members: Joe Fisher, Jake Kelly, Cole Krinhop

Stewardship Committee

The role of the Stewardship Committee is to plan, evaluate, and carry out ways of promoting stewardship especially the preparation for the time, talent and treasure commitment weekend.

Janice Carroll, Chairperson

Members: Patsy Chamberlin, Paul Jacquet

Bazaar Subcommittee

The role of the Bazaar Subcommittee is to plan the annual parish bazaar.

Sara Cook, Chairperson

Members: Leah Hern, Jake Kelly, Jean Scanlan, Liz Sites